The Most Played Casino Games in the UK: New Data Made Public


The United Kingdom has a long and intricate relationship with gambling. A few important gambling acts like the Unlawful Games Act of 1541, the Gaming Act of 1845, The Racecourse Betting Act of 1928, and the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 kept either outlawing or legalising casinos and sectors within the gambling industry.

However, the Gambling Act of 2005 is arguably the most important as it regulated the industry and allowed the Gambling Commission to be born.

Nowadays, UK gambling is flourishing for both land-based and remote sectors. Thus, the games themselves have gathered many enthusiasts and continue to rise in popularity. We will explore their attractions further in this article as we establish a ranking.

The Growth of the Casino Industry

Any long-term gambler will readily tell you that the casino industry is growing visibly and quickly. From the multiplying betting shops on the streets to the 4,098 international casinos and online gambling businesses, we can safely say there’s no doubt about the growth.

However, how much growth is being registered? 

We found that the GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) for the global online gambling market in 2020 recorded a 119% increase compared to 2010 values

The global gambling market (all segments included) is even more affluent. For example, in 2010, it recorded revenues of US$385 billion, and 2022 data suggests that the industry gathered $456.61 billion.

Online gambling: recent public numbers in short

As a 2000’s addition to the global gambling market, online casinos have been born into the best era of organised human activity so far. 

In this climate, the internet opened an economic window that nobody expected. Some, including casinos, took the opportunity and turned it into vast businesses.

While the overall land-based casinos suffered decreases in revenue in the past few years, the online casino industry is better off. The “Industry Statistics – November 2022” document published by the UKGC shows this through infographics and statistics.

Within the said document, the popularity trend for land-based casinos registered downfalls, while the remote casino trend is increasing. This vast discrepancy comes only a few years after their values were almost identical.

Study Shows UK’s Favorite Casino Games

Each country that deems gambling legal will have a different, more or less, most popular casino game. For example, French people play more Blackjack, while Slots are favoured in the USA.

The UK public seems to gravitate towards Roulette in land-based casinos and mostly towards Slots in online casinos. This is according to a study conducted by, a website that acts as an online casino coupon index.

Let’s see how much each of the games below is played in the UK and how important they are to total online casino revenues.

Online slots

As I mentioned before, Slots are the UK’s top choice when it comes to gambling. This will not surprise you once you learn that slots account for 77.0% of the total online casino revenue in the UK.

One of the most significant points of attraction for Slot games is their unpredictability. While all legal Slot machines include RNGs (Random Number Generators) and are therefore as close to natural randomness as possible, players still believe they can get the biggest prize while playing. 

However, unpredictability is not the only factor. The immense diversity of themes and mechanics of Slots also contribute to their overall attractiveness. 

Online roulette

Within the UK, Roulette games came in second regarding public demand. Although this type of game is played more in land-based casinos, Roulette still accounts for 11.6% of the total online casino revenue in the UK.

Although there are many Roulette types out there, with one zero or two, even three, the odds of this game are not necessarily in favour of the player. In the long run, this game not only becomes unbeatable, but every successful bet will bring winnings too small to allow you to return strongly.

Online blackjack

Blackjack is a public favourite. You can find it in many casinos around the world. Blackjack is a mathematically beatable game, and it seems like it’s the only one among famous casino games.

Although Blackjack accounts for only 4.3% of the total online casino gross gaming yield in the UK, its popularity is more considerable in land-based casinos.

Although it can get you kicked out of many casinos, card counting allows you to enter the Blackjack game confidently and leave it a winner. This is also the subject of some famous Hollywood movies that fascinate the public, which may explain its international appeal.

Online poker

Poker is known mainly as a high-skill-based game with potentially massive winnings that requires you to trick adversaries with an unbeatable “Poker face.”

On a global scale, its popularity most likely skyrocketed due to the invention and introduction of the internet, combined with more advanced cameras. This turned the entire poker game into a spectator show where you could observe and learn but also enjoy the game.

As an online casino game, Poker is not especially appreciated by the large UK public. For example, Poker brings in less than 2% of the gross gaming yield for online casinos in the UK.

In closing

The numbers above represent not only the revenue share these games bring in but also hint at these games’ demand on the market.

And while we cannot debate the public taste, you are free to choose any game, including some unpopular ones, like Poker!

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