Malawi in diplomatic relations with tiny country not recognised by UN


Malawi Government entered into diplomatic relations with Liberland, a tiny European country which has no habitants and is not recognised by the United Nations (UN) or any other member of the UN.

According to Liberland’s website, in October, 2022, Liberland Secretary of State, Dr. Tariq Abbasi, signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture through a special arm of the Liberland Aid Foundation.

“This Memorandum signifies the recognition of our country as a valid and worthy diplomatic and economic partner for the African State.

“The content of the Memorandum is comprehensive, promising tighter economic relations between the countries, peaceful resolutions of disputes should any occur between the parties, and a joint effort to attain mutually agreed upon development goals,” reads part of the statement dated October 5, 2022.

The statement adds that the Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi ratified the memorandum because the two countries plan to start their cooperation through activities in this sector as Malawi looks to improve its agriculture sector.

According to the statement, Abbasi also founded the Liberland Trade Mission and Aid Foundation, a new entity in Malawi, which was expected cooperate with the government of Malawi to fulfil the Memorandum’s purposes.

Images posted on the Liberland website show Abbasi with Malawi Government officials and another image shared on social media show Abbasi with the then Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe who was fired in November last year for incompetency.

Liberland is a 7 sq km (2.5 sq miles) of uninhabited marshland wedged between Serbia and Croatia. However, the land has not been claimed by either country or any other country.

In 2015, former Czech member of Parliament Vit Jedlicka declared the area as an independent country and he became its president.

While the country is not recognised by the UN and has no residents, Jedlicka has been approving thousands of online applications for citizenship.

He has also appointed a cabinet and ambassadors-in-waiting worldwide, according to a BBC report.

Malawi’s ties with the tiny country have been questioned by Malawians on social media today.

“Some children have imaginary friends. A small impoverished country called Malawi also has imaginary friends.

“And imaginary suppliers as well as imaginary projects.

Oh, lest we forget, imaginary timelines, too,” one person wrote on social media.

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