M5 Road washed away following heavy rains


Part of the M5 Road has been washed away at Phakwe, 54 kilometres from Kaphantenga, and motorists have been advised to use the Nkhotakota-Kasungu Road.

Roads Authority (RA) spokesperson Portia Kajanga says the road has been damaged following heavy rains being experienced in the area.

She said the damaged area will be fixed and it is also part of a section of the M5 road which is being rebuilt by a Chinese contractor.

“The section is within the one that we have given out to a new contractor CR 20, that’s a Chinese contractor, to rebuild the road”, she said in an interview this morning.

Roads in Malawi are usually damaged during the rainy season and critics say this is due to poor designs, shoddy workmanship and corruption among other factors.

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