Watch it on Showmax, says Fatsani production team

Some of the people behind Fatsani

The Malawian team that produced Fatsani has told Malawians who are yet to see the movie to watch it on Showmax as it will not be available on local platforms.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the company’s Marketing and Communications officer Sive Liwa, said a contractual agreement they have with Showmax does not allow them to get the movie available on other platforms.

However, he said their agreement is not eternal.

“According to the agreement we have with Showmax, we cannot get the movie on any other platform at the moment. Therefore, upon expiry of the period we agreed to get glued to them, we will  map the way forward,” he said.

According to Sive, their agreement will expire in a few weeks’ time. When asked about a platform they target to host the product after Showmax, he did not provide the information.

Malawians on social media have taken HD Plus Creations to task for denying them access to the movie. This comes after the producers’ rigorous campaign for Fatsani to be voted as the best feature film in Maso Awards.

According to a majority of Malawians, they cannot vote for movie they have never watched, let alone have a taste of its trailer.

The movie premiered in April 2021. Since its premiere, most Malawians are yet to watch because it has been made available on limited platforms.