Malawi mass graves: Pathologist Dzamalala withholds autopsies of 30 migrants over payment


Pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala is yet to release autopsy reports of 30 migrants, who were found in mass graves in Mzimba last month, because he is yet to receive payment for the work.

This is according to police sources at Malawi Police Headquarters who have spoken to the local media.

“An insider at police headquarters tells Zodiak that the pathologist is withholding the autopsy report because of payment issues,” Zodiak Online reported.

Speaking to the local media, Dzamalala said he has finalised his reports on the bodies but the police are the one who will make the findings public.

On his part, National Police spokesperson Peter Kalaya said the findings will form part of their investigations.

The bodies of the 30 people suspected to be Ethiopians were found at Mtangatanga Forest in Mzimba last month.

It is believed that they suffocated to death while being secretly transported through Malawi on their way to South Africa.

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