Ntchisi communities owning modern houses through Social Cash Transfer 


Communities in Ntchisi have lauded Social Cash Transfer Programme for transforming their livelihoods, enabling them to construct houses they never dreamt of owning.

One of the beneficiaries, Chakwanira Chitatanga from Sambo Village in Traditional Authority Kalumo’s area said he has constructed a three bed-roomed iron-roofed house with cement floor and burnt bricks using proceeds from the programme.

“When I was joining the programme in 2018, I and my family were staying in a very small grass-thatched house.

“Five years down the line, I have managed to construct a modern house,” said Chitatanga, adding that he is also a proud owner of goats and chickens.

The father of six said he joined Kaziwa Village Savings and Loans Group and is able to provide for his children’s school needs.

He said he was optimistic he would be able to continue supporting his family once the programme phases out.

Another beneficiary, Chikumbutso Chiumia from Tenje Village in Traditional Authority Vuso Jere said through social cash transfer, she has constructed a modern house where she is staying with her three children.

“I have accomplished a lot through social cash transfer, I built a modern house with three bed rooms and am raising goats, pigs as well as chickens,” narrated Chiumia.

She said she was also into Irish potato and maize farming; as a result, she is able to support her children on her own as her husband divorced her in 2019.

Chiumia then joined Tiyanjane Village Savings and Loans Group and runs a small-scale business of selling fritters commonly known as mandasi.

She said she plans to venture into a business of buying and selling farm produce.

Meanwhile, she has already constructed a structure, which is now at roofing stage and intends to use it as a tearoom.

Concurring with Chitatanga, Chiumia said she will not face challenges once the programme phases out as she has laid enough foundation for income generation at her household.

Ntchisi  District Councils’ Director of Planning and Development, Violet Kamasumbi, described the programme as a game changer.

“It is pleasing to see how people’s livelihoods are improving under the programme in the district,” she said.

According to Kamasumbi, there are 5,707 social cash transfer beneficiaries in the district, 3, 324 of whom are female.

The Social Cash Transfer Programme is a Malawi Government Programme implemented by the National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) with financial support from World Bank.

Reported by Pauline Kaude