Area and Village Development Committees to have well established offices


Minister of Local Government Blessings Chinsinga says Government will undertake a restructuring exercise within the ministry which will see Area and Village Development Committees (ADCs & VDCs) having well-established offices.

Chinsinga said in a Facebook post that in order to achieve transformation that is desirable, his ministry will undertake long-term reorganisation and restructuring processes that will come with so many changes.

He added that the benefits from the said reorganisation and restructuring, may not be felt immediately, but benchmarks will be set that will help in seeing the reaping of long-term benefits from the decentralisation process.

“One issue that comes forth with the current review of the Local Government Act, is the establishment of the Area and Village Development Committees (ADCs & VDCs), as legal local structures recognised by law, a move away from current mere administrative arrangement.

“Once these structures become legally recognised, it will show a government in action at the grassroots level, by having well established offices, which is not currently the case. Already, Karonga District Council has set the pace by establishing its own fully fledged ADC office, with all relevant personnel in it,” he said.

The minister then asked all stakeholders and Malawians, to support the changes being made, to ensure that the transformation is achieved.

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