Malawian couple accused of robbing mother of South African reality TV star


South African reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo says her mother was robbed by her Malawian gardener and his wife who allegedly broke into her house and fled to Malawi.

Nketsi,  the star of a show called HAVEFAITH on mtvafrica, made the allegations on Twitter, saying a gardener identified as Matthew  and his wife, who worked for and lived next door to her mom for over year broke into her mother’s house.

“I have land/hous next door 2 the house I bought 4my mom. The gardener and his wife and baby stayed ther 4 over a year. We fed them, clothed them, my mom even babysat their baby and still payed them a salary. 2day they broke into my moms house and robed her and went back to Malawi,” she tweeted.

She added that the incident has left her mother shattered. According to Nketsi, they have footage of the gardener Mathew in her mother’s but nothing can be done since he fled South Africa together with his wife.

“The only thing my mom has said about this whole situation is that she feels that she’s supposed to be alone forever 💔😩. Yo she’s so shattered because she loved them so much.

“Luckily we have cameras in the house but we can’t do anything with the footage because they are gone. My mom treated them like her own and trusted them. My mom is so heartbroken💔 They celebrated everything with us as part of the family… I mean they even on havefaith🤦🏽‍♀️,” she tweeted.

Some commenters on her tweets faulted Nketsi for hiring foreigners and not South Africans.

“These stories makes me happy. We keep on warning people about hiring foreigners they don’t listen and foreigners keep on proving us right,” one Twitter user said.

Others, however, argued that the workers stole because they are criminals regardless of their nationality.


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