University of Lusaka bans shorts, tight dresses, ripped jeans


The University of Lusaka in Zambia has told students to observe appropriate manner of dressing, saying students should not wear shorts, ripped jeans, tight dresses or clothes that reveal cleavage.

The Universities Registrar, Mr Kapalayi, said  in the memo dated September 21, 2022 that dressing with derogatory, offensive and obscene messages either in words or pictures is banned.

Students at the university have also been advised against wearing political regalia on campus while attending classes or engaging in other academic pursuits on or off campus.

University of Lusaka students have further been banned from wearing shorts, undershirts,  shirts  or blouses showing off undergarments or cleavage. Also banned are tops that leave skin exposed, crop tops, or halter tops as well as excessively tight or revealing clothing such as tight or short dresses and skirts.

Clothing made of see through material like fishnets, unless clothing is worn underneath, will be condoned too. Male vests, biker shorts worn when going to class also fall under inappropriate dress.

The school is implementing what it terms as appropriate dresscode for its students, saying they will have to be conscious of what they wear on and off campus.

According to the registrar, the dress code is aimed at encouraging students to adopt a dressing style that will be acceptable in various fields of work and society in general.


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  2. This has been long over due because they are going into the corporate world so they have to dress accordingly

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