Mponda named RECAPO Solar Systems brand ambassador


Home systems provider RECAPO has named Malawi’s up-and-coming Squash player Sekai Mponda as its brand ambassador.

This was announced by the organization’ General Manager Tendai Chambati who said she was impressed by the player’ performance in the Southern Zone Basketball League where she helped Kukoma Eagles in winning matches.

She also said her organization made the decision because Sekai appreciate the importance of authenticity in modern marketing as a whole and not just a brand.

“Sekai was chosen as our brand ambassador as she does appreciate the importance of authenticity in modern marketing as a whole and not just as a brand ambassador marketing. She understands the role that digital marketing and social media play in driving high-quality referrals for our Solar products,” she said.

According to Chambati, Sekai is a modern day athlete who uses her variety of channels and platforms to make a difference by reaching out to a huge following.

“As one of the top Squash players in the country, she has been able to reach as many people as possible across a variety of channels  and platforms. She has a huge following, especially during to the fact that we have very few Squash players in the country which makes her a unique brand who is a best fit for our high-quality services we offer at RECAPO Solar Systems. Besides being a respected sports personality in Malawi, she has a well-established online presence and a highly-engaged network,” she added.

Chambati said she expects Sekai to be representing RECAPO brand.

“She will be representing our brand. Her roles will include talking about our company, encouraging others to check out our products and services and influencing how others perceive our business. We are optimistic that was she will foster a strong and royal relationship between our customers and our grand because she is not only passionate about our company but she is also intimately familiar with our wide range of produce and services,” she further explained.

Sekai, who will represent the brand for one year, says she is honored with the offer.

“It’s an honor to represent RECAPO brand. It gives me motivation and excitement, as a rookie to the squash sport and RECAPO will help me improve and promote the game. As a new player to the sport and for RECAPO to come in and commit to help me grow, I feel inspired and motivated to do better,” she said.

RECAPO Solar Systems supplies equipment for product use of energy applications such as solar pumps, barber kits and fridges to boost the economic well-being of rural and peri-urban communities.


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