Woman commits suicide after losing money through betting


A woman has committed suicide after losing over K1 million which she wanted to multiply using bet.

According to an audio clip circulating on social media, the woman has lost K1.1 million.

In the audio message, a person narrates, amid sobs, that the woman owed some people over K8 million.

The people were pressurising the woman to pay back the money but in her account she only had K1.1 million.

The woman then decided to bet the amount with the aim of multiplying it. However, she lost the bet.

“So she has committed suicide and has left a suicide not,” the person says in the audio.

Meanwhile, a social commentator has called on authorities to do more to regulate betting in Malawi.

“The industry is on a free flow. The Malawi Gaming Board is hardly doing anything to protect people who are vulnerable and prone to mental health problems due to betting. Malawi should set a law for betting companies to control how much a person’s account can bet. Children are even able to bet. Government and our lawmakers have to act with urgency because we are sitting on a ticking bomb”, said the social commentator who did not want to be named.

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