DPP still strong and will bounce back in 2025 – Chakale


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for Central Region Zelia Chakale says DPP is still strong, the leadership of the party is intact and come 2025, the party is going to win presidential elections.

Chakale made the sentiments on Saturday in Lilongwe at Mgona ground during a political rally the DPP organized.

She claimed that there are no disagreements in the former ruling party.

“We do not have any disagreements that’s why we can manage to clarify to the people about the leadership of DPP and the strong support of the people. So, we have everything in place,” said Chakale.

DPP supporters during the rally


She added that she was impressed with the turnout of the people at the rally saying that is another impression that people are not happy with the current Government due to high cost of living in the country.

“The message to our followers is to come together and build the party as one, it’s a good message whereby you remember most of the people when we had elections, people lost hope but now because they have seen how the things are getting tough, now everybody has come together to see the importance of the principles and policies of DPP which were put to eradicate poverty under Professor Peter Mutharika. We call upon all party members, all those who love the party to come together, so that the love, the eradication of poverty which was put by DPP should come back when DPP win the 2025 elections,” said Chakale.

Chakale added that the of the DPP sent her to clarify to people and assure the people of the legitimacy of the lineup of the leadership of the party and that is from the President Peter Mutharika, the national governing council, going down to regional committees, which is the legitimate kind of leadership that the party has in its constitution.

In his remarks, National Organising Secretary of DPP Chimwemwe Chipungu said what they are doing is to build the party and make it strong in preparation of 2025 elections.

“We don’t have conflicts in DPP, what we are doing is a team building exercise. you know a new team there is forming and performing, so this has to happen in DPP to have a fine team ready for 2025. We have been saying we are having a functional review process which is aiming at refining the directorates, some of the directorates were actually overlapping. DPP is coming back into power, we have never lost any election, we have won in 2014 and 2019. In 2020 it was just a plot to get us out of Government. So this functional review process is one way for us to come back in power in 2025,” said Chipungu.

Meanwhile, the DPP’s Kondwani Nankhumwa camp, will hold a rally at Mgona ground in Area 25 Lilongwe, the same venue that the Peter Mutharika’s camp held their rally yesterday.

Today’s rally has been called by the Party’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey and leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa is the main speaker.

However, Chakale has described as childish, the idea by the Nankhumwa camp to hold a rally at the same venue they held their rally.