Mkaka takes over government land

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change Eisenhower Mkaka, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General, has been accused of taking over government land at Area 43 in Lilongwe.

Residents say Mkaka has built houses on land which was reserved for a public road.

One of the Area 43 residents Dr. Daimon Kambewa has since urged citizens in the country to stand-up and speak against any signs of abuse of power and authority.

Mkaka, in an interview with the local media, has confirmed that he owns houses and purchased the said land from Chiefs.

The minister added that he bought the land in 2020, the same year MCP and President Lazarus Chakwera came into power.

At Area 49, some State House and Office of President and Cabinet employees used the name of President Chakwera to grab land.

The land, estimated to be seven acres, was reserved for construction of a community clinic and school.

Minister of Lands Sam Kawale said on Tuesday that his ministry has advised employers of the concerned land grabbers to take disciplinary action against them.

“The Chakwera administration will not tolerate this kind of impunity and no one will be spared whether a party member, government official or even a Cabinet Minister,” he said.