University of Malawi students complain over early closure of bar

Chancellor College Great Hall

University of Malawi (UNIMA) students have expressed concern over operation of a drinking joint which is situated at the University’s Sports Complex, saying the barman closes the bar before they finish their drinks.

In a letter which is addressed to the bar’ s management, the students under Drinkers Association of Unima (DASU) say the bar now closes at 8PM when usually it closed at 10PM.

The students have also raised a number of concerns which are affecting their imbibing habits. The concerns include management’s failure to pay DSTV subscription and low stock of beer in the bar.

“The demand for beer [in the bar] is greater than the supply. Strictly speaking, this compromises our drive to refresh in the bar that was once our second home,” reads part of the letter.

As such, the concerned group has given the bar management a three day ultimatum to address the issues or face contract termination.

“We demand that concerns raised herein be addressed by Friday, the 11th day of February 2022. Failure to do so shall force us to demand immediate termination of your business contract with the University Administration,” reads their letter to the bar management.

The University’s Sports Complex is among the busiest buildings at the institution. It houses a gym, restaurant, bar and printing service providers, among others.