Malawi has enough fuel, says MERA


Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) says there is adequate stocks of fuel in Malawi and there is no need for people to panic.

According to the MERA, the assurances of fuel availability are based on current stocks that are available in filling stations and in storage facilities as well as the volume flowing into the country.

MERA Chief Executive Officer Henry Kachaje told journalists today during a press briefing in Lilongwe that the volumes that are rolling in and those that are available will make it possible for MERA to continue supplying the country with adequate fuel for both domestic and commercial use.

He added MERA is expecting 6 Million litres of fuel to come into the country. According to Kachaje, 2 million litres were already loaded and the remaining amount will be in the country in the next two weeks.

His remarks come amid concerns over a shortage of fuel in the country with many filing stations reporting yesterday that they had run out of the commodity.

Kachaje, however, said there are many reasons why some of the filing stations did not have fuel.

“In summary I would say both logistical issues as well as issues simply to do with credit facilities of the particular filling station that are buying product.

“During Christmas time we had a bit of disruptions as oil companies over that period obviously slowed down but we can we assure the nation that distributions have started and we are encouraging owners of the filling stations to make sure that they  quickly do the reordering from oil suppliers,” he said.

On status of the usage of fuel, Kachaje said the country uses a million litres of fuel per month depending on the demand of products and reserves currently are healthy.