Malawi coach Meck Mwase demoted, Marinica to take charge at Afcon

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has named the newly hired Technical Director Marion Marian Mario Marinica as the Flames interim coach for the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations finals in Cameroun, replacing Meck Mwase who has now been demoted to the position of deputy coach.

The decision was made on Saturday during FAM’s Executive Committee meeting where, amongst others, members scrutinized the performance of the Malawi National Football Team in the just ended Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers where the team finished bottom of Group D.

In a statement released by the Association on Sunday afternoon, FAM said the Flames’ dismal performance in the World Cup campaign was a concern and an urgent change to the panel was needed in order to ensure that the team is well prepared ahead of January’s tournament.

“The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) wishes to advise that the Executive Committee at its meeting of 3rd December 2021 meeting took a decision to re-organise the technical set up of the Flames to ensure that it is well prepared for the forthcoming Total Energies Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroun 2022.

“This comes against the background of the Flames’ dismal performance at the just ended Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, where the team ended bottom of the table. Upon reflection, it has become very clear that the team has technical and tactical deficiencies that have to be worked on in order to turn around its performance.

“After careful consideration, the Executive Committee approved that that new Technical Director, Marian Mario Marinica should temporarily take charge of the Flames as Head of Technical Panel supported by Meck Mwase,” reads part of the statement.

FAM also announced the hiring of Ged Searson and Clwyd Jones as a Data Analyst and Sports Pyschologist respectively to work with the team.

“However, realising the enormity of the gap that has to be closed and the daunting task that lies ahead, the Executive Committee approved the hiring of a professional Data Analyst and Sports Psychologist to work with the team,” continued the presser.

However, the country’s soccer governing body was quick to reveal that this new arrangement is only for Afcon with the view to improving the team’s performance.

coach Mwase (L): Flames qualified for Afcon under his leadership

“It is our expectation that during this period, Meck Mwase and his counterparts will learn from the new Technical Director as he introduces a new philosophy to improve style of play. In the spirit of national unity and pride, FAM would like to urge all stakeholders to rally behind the Flames and render support to the Technical Panel so that it should be given a chance to deliver the desired results,” concluded the statement which was signed by General Secretary Alfred Gunda.

Below is the list of Flames’ Afcon Technical Panel:


  1. Marian Mario Marinica-Head Coach


  1. Meck Mwase- 1st Assistant Coach


  1. Lovemore Fazili- 2nd Assistant Coach


  1. Bob Mpinganjira- Fitness Trainer


  1. Ged Searson- Data Analyst


  1. Clwyd Searson- Sports Psychologist


  1. Chikondi Mandalasi- Physiotherapist


  1. Gift Logomeka- Team Doctor


  1. Clement Kafwafwa- Team

One comment on “Malawi coach Meck Mwase demoted, Marinica to take charge at Afcon

  1. I don’t know if this will have an impact on the deaf ears subjected to. At times we prefer to make a change for we believe change is inevitable and resistance to change is a sign of folly and distorted growth. However, a timely change will always bare fruits.

    In the first place, why is FAM in a hurry when hiring this coach?
    Not long ago we were told he has been hired to replace John Kaputa as a technical director and those with functional brains new this was a white elephant. A few days later, boom he is a head coach. Why are you in such a rush? who advises who, if at all you do have such a room. Is this out of a nobble cause?

    Secondly, being an expatriate coach does not make him suitable for the position. Just take a look at his achievements. Are you really convinced? is this the best hiring ever? you mean this the best of your capability? isn’t this a shame of highest degree? The Vice President during the fundraising walk said ,”put good use to these resources given?” The tone and mood of his speech was strong, is this what he meant? Really?

    Thirdly, When will you realize that he has psychologically given you a scape goat when he fail to make it at AFCON? Taking time as a factor do you think he will change the wrong football philosophy in question? When do you think he start scouting for taller defenders and goalkeepers worthy the positions? I still don’t know if you had time to think of the environment when these short defenders are on the ground with this coach? Mind you we are talking of key positions here, Centre back and goal keeper.

    How I wish, I could have feedback from you FAM? We are tied of this altitude of yours guys where you always rush with decisions at the expense of taxpayers money. Trust me this is just a waste of resources and my fellow supporters, expect nothing but embarrassment at AFCON. mark my words.

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