Kazako says anti-government demonstrations are unnecessary


Minister of information Gospel Kazako says anti-government protests expected to be conducted today are unnecessary because the issues that are prompting people to go to the streets are already known to Malawi Government and the government is still working on them.

Minister of information Gospel Kazako made the statement in in an interview yesterday at Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

Former UTM member Bon Kalindo is expected to lead demonstrations against the Lazarus Chakwera administration in Blantyre today. Protesters are also expected to march in Mzuzu to demand government to find solutions to the rise in prices of goods and services in the country.

But Kazako said the issues of high cost of living are not only affecting the citizens of Malawi but also the people of South Africa and other countries.

He added that government is not happy with the current economic situation and it is working to ensure that Malawians are not facing hardships.

“We are not against the demonstrations. People can go and demonstrate because it is their right to conduct demonstrations as a way of expressing their point on a certain issue whenever they are not heard. All we are saying is that we are aware of the increase of our good and services in our country,” he said.

He added that even if the people go to the streets to protest, the response from the government will remain the same that they are working on the issues because it is what they are doing.




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  1. Demos not necessary …..? Komatu pena pake musaiwale mwachangu.unduna muli nawo panowu ndi chifukwa cha ma Demo .mark me wrong
    Malawians have the write whether necessary or not necessary

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