Inside the Ombudsman report nullifying the appointment of MERA ex-CEO Henry Kachaje


A court injunction has this morning sought to save embarrassment from illegally appointed Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) CEO, Henry Kachaje. However, the contents of the report (which you can download here) have not failed to reach the public.

The Ombudsman office instituted investigations into the appointment of Kachaje after being moved by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioner, Richard Chapweteka, who was also eyeing the job. Another petition came Forum for National Development which alleged that Kachaje was not qualified for the job.

Among other things, the Ombudsperson report has revealed that there was canvassing for the MERA job with State House promising Chapweteka the job. The MERA board then offering it to Kachaje.

The recommendations of the report are that MERA should cancel Kachaje’s contract.