Minibus owners plan protest over tollgate fees


Minibus owners in Malawi have said they will hold a nationwide protest against the K3,400 tollgate fees for minibuses.

The announcement comes as Government has said it will soon open the newly constructed toll plaza at Chingeni in Balaka.

Coaxley Kamange, Secretary General for Minibus Owners Association of Malawi, has said a stay away will be conducted nationwide next week.

According to Kamange, the minibus owners feel the fees which they are being asked to pay at the tollgates are exorbitant.

He added that government should consider reducing the fees for minibuses to K500.

The Ministry of Finance gazetted the tollgate fees in August this year but implementation will start wen the toll plaza at Chingeni opens. Another toll plaza is being constructed at Kalinyeke in Dedza.

The gazetted fees show that small vehicles will be paying K1,700 while minibuses will be parting with K3,400. Buses which carry 17 to 31 people and trucks which weigh 2 to 5-tonne will pay K5,100 while 5 to 10 tonne vehicles will be paying K7,000. The highest fee at the tollgate will be K50,000.

Local motorists will enjoy a 20 percent discount and if motorists use the toll plaza frequently, they will enjoy 75 percent discount applicable at the 11th passage.