Restaurant charges about two million Malawi Kwacha’ for a steak

Salt Bae Steak Expensive

A newly opened restaurant in London is charging between K700 thousand and one million eight hundred thousand Malawi Kwacha for a steak.

Financial Times reports that Salt Bae is charging £100 (179 thousand Malawi Kwacha)  for a burger and £1,450 (K1.7 million) for a gold-leaf steak.

Salt Bae is a food entertainer and restaurateur. He has been a sensational internet meme on several occasions.

But Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse has made headlines for being one of the most extravagant, if not the most expensive of all, for a steak.

The Sun reports that he charges £850 (K1,013,200, more than 1 million kwacha) but notes that the average cost for a steak is £630 (K750 thousand kwacha).

The cost of a single steak at the restaurant, owned by Nusret Gockce, the Turkish chef popularly known as Salt Bae, would pay monthly salaries of up to more than half a dozen of degree holders in Malawi – with the possibility of Chef Bae retaining some change to tip off diploma holders for their share of monthly perks.

It is with no surprise that Financial Times has called the eatery “one of the world’s great rip-offs”.