MCP MP Jere accused of stealing quarry from road construction site

…Thawe in front of the quarry stones

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Mzimba South, Emmanuel Chambulanyina Jere, has vowed to sue members of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) after the rights group accused the legislator of stealing a truckload of quarry stones meant for the construction of the Jenda-Embangweni road.

HRDC claims it found the stolen quarry at Jere’s residence but the MP says the quarry stones at his house were bought from a Chinese company and he has the receipt.

Recently, HRDC chairperson for the South Masauko Thawe visited Jere’s residential area at Vibangalala school in Mzimba district to investigate the story of missing quarry.

Chambulanyina Jere

In a recorded interview, Thawe said community members and the construction company have confirmed that quarry was stolen from the construction site.

He added that the quarry is suspected to have been stolen by the Member of Parliament as quarry stones were found at the MP’s house.

“Community members have confirmed that this is the quarry stolen from the construction company. The theft of the quarry has delayed the project because the stones would have been used for about a kilometre or so,” said Thawe.

He further said that the matter is being investigated by police at Jenda Police Station.

However, Jere has stated that the quarry stones seen at his house were bought from a Chinese company at K400,000 and all documents are available.

He added that he will sue the HRDC members who visited his house without his knowledge.

Jere won the Mzimba South parliamentary seat on an independent ticket before joining Malawi Congress Party.

Jere’s receipt