Govt wants fresh graduates to venture into entrepreneurship

Government  says fresh graduates at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) should venture into agriculture entrepreneurship.

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe made the statement when Farmers Voice Africa (FAVOA) was launching an initiative called Favoa Innovations and Investments Group (FIIG) on Monday at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

The initiative covers multidimensional facets of development aiming at cultivating an entrepreneurial investing and innovative culture among the Malawian people.

Speaking with the students who gathered at the event, Lowe said that it is very unfortunate that when a student graduate from tertiary education the first thing that comes in the mind of the person is to hunt for job opportunities instead of applying what the person learnt.

He added that Favoa Innovations and Investments Group initiative covers a lot of opportunities that youths should be eager to apply their skills and knowledge to become independent and successful.

“This initiative is very supportive to our youths. I am glad that it has been launched here at Luanar because our students have the knowledge of what it is. Government have been investing in farmers more especially those in rural areas but there is little that is coming out of them. Youths should join hands with FIIG to develop this country,” he explained.

On his part, FAVOA Board Chairperson Professor George Kanyama Phiri said that they want the youths to do business in unusual way because the country has high focus on the youths but it fails to utilise them as such the initiative will benefit the youths a lot.

Phiri added that they want to ensure that the youths complement government efforts by improving the agriculture industry considering that Malawi Agenda 2063 is emphasizing on self-reliance.