Heartbreaking: Makhadzi apologises for her dark inner thighs

South African powerhouse Makhadzi of Murahu fame who was among the Malawi Sand Festival headliners held at Nkopola lodge in Mangochi has apologized for having dark inner thighs following a trending image taken by Ras Kasengwa of her performing.

Writing on her official Facebook page, Makhadzi said she was concerned of how Malawian photographer humiliated her last Friday by publishing the pictures of of the many shots he captured during her performance on stage.

Makhadzi believes Kasengwa had a hidden motive for posting the photo with her dark inner thighs countourly exposed.

“I would like to apologise to my fans if only if your are disappointed these pictures. The were a lot of beautiful pictures that cameraman captured and supposed to be posted but he chose to post this to promote his brand forgetting the damage he is doing to my soul. I know I am strong and these all will pass. Unfortunately, I cannot change my inner part, I am like this and I am proud”, Said Makhadzi in the  post.

She also blamed people who are  editing the pictures to further bully her.

“The only thing that people are doing is to is to try to edit my pictures with different with bad and shameful features. Yes I am strong but my family and friends are not as I am . Seeing them crying about edited pictures really break me and affect me badly.

“I would like to ask everyone one who react to with this picture that you are planting something that can affect me badly. I humble myself politely to ask everyone to stop humiliating me. I didn’t have energy to block you, I love you all”, she wrote.

In reaction to the post, many of her Facebook page followers say there is no need for her to apologise for having dark inner thighs, encouraging her to forget about the those who are bullying her by concentrating on her career with confidence.

Several people have been giving her a nod of support.


Makhadzi returns to Malawi next month for the Hangout Music Festival at Kabumba Hotel in Salina.

8 thoughts on “Heartbreaking: Makhadzi apologises for her dark inner thighs

  1. Really this is Sad, that’s the way she is and not the only one. Shame on you Kansengwa.

  2. Malawian photographer who posted tht must apologise fully on behalf of Malawians. Me as a malawian I strongly condemn tht. Unfortunately when someone is a public figure. .you find tht there’ are some brainwashed people who always try to damage other people’s personalities.
    It needs more civilisations on such jelousy individuals. ..we are living in a democratic world. ..phambili makhadzi!

  3. It seems something is not being told objectively/the way it is. If she dressed reasonable care to avoid indecent display of intimate body areas, and if the photograph that is circulating was a product of photoshop, why does she apologise and say that is the way she is? By saying these words she is implicitly acknowledging that she is responsible for the indecent exposure of her body, though some make statements like it did not happen; or that what happened was ok. These kinds of statements can only come from a generation that is destined for hell, because God hates indecency and thise that love it can’t go where He is; and the Bible is very clear about that. Younare decided; go right on, the real music will be at the end.

    1. Remember we are blacks,and i m proud being a black so is Makhandzi ,so why people say this to her as if she is white but her inner leg are black .And listen don’t tell us about the bible something that brainwashed people like you longtime back listen to the white people making you turning against your own. People are walking almost naked on the beach almost everyday, and i believe even your wife too yet on that was a performance that Makhadzi was doing and she’s doing it for us who love her .So if you her a problem with it go and f*ck yourself

    2. No need for the Photographer to apologize. The way the photo appeared is the same way the Singer was. By the,way she dressed shows that to her every thing was OK unless it was Photo shop as already said by others

  4. Most of ladies have inner dark thigh including my beautiful wife due to friction when moving. The photographer was the who was suppose to apologize not you makhazi.
    To you the photographer you are shame to you

  5. In my opinion, Makhadzi was not supposed to apologize since that way of dressing is her hobby. But every time makhadzi must know that “when you are in Rome do what Romans do” since she was in Malawi, she was supposed to at least wearing something that could cover her humanity. To say the truth, no one is editing her pictures, but those pictures where taken exactly how she was dressed. Always learn to differentiate between bedroom and public

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