Airtel Yabeba: Gardener wins K1 million

A man who works as a gardener at a secondary school in Chitipa emerged as one of the K1 million winners in the Airtel Yabeba promotion on Tuesday.

Dizmo Chabili, customer from Misuku in Chitipa, said he was happy to win the money and he would use the money to start a business.

He was, however, not sure if he was indeed getting a call from Airtel as he suspected that the call was part of a scam to defraud him.

The suspicions were shared by another K1 million winner, Kigane James of Kalembo in Ulongwe.

James who currently sells tomatoes was still happy to have emerged as one of the winners.

Another winner was Mercy Mike in Salima who said she is currently not working or doing business.

Airtel said recently that it will continue to sensitize customers about fraud.

“Statistically, what we have noted is an increase in attempts to defraud in comparison to actual fraud being committed, and this is due to the fact that more customers have become aware and also become more diligent to the fraudsters attempted tricks,” the company’s Public Relations Manager Norah Chavula said.

During the draw, a total of four people won one million kwacha each while 2,000 people won K10,000 each.