Tonse dumps over K40 billion in Shire river

…50 million trees could have been planted
…No single tree can be traced
Tonse Government claims to have used over K40 billion to plant trees in the Lower Shire but no single tree can be traced. The money could have been used to plant over 50 million trees, turning Malawi into a rainforest like the Amazon.

According to Chairperson Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change chairperson Welani Chilenga, the Ministry of Natural Resources claimed to have used US$50 million for a tree planting project

Chilenga said the ministry claimed to have planted the trees in the Shire River basin project but when the committee went to the site for a fact-finding mission, the committee did not find any tree.

However, Minister of Natural Resources Nancy Tembo defended her ministry saying tree planting was only one of the activities implemented. According to Tembo, the money was also used for other developments.

Malawians on social media have since demanded an explanation from Tembo, as they suspect that the money was stolen.

“That’s a whopping 40+ billion Kwacha gone with the wind!!! We need revolution in this “country. The whole governance system is rotten to the core!!!,” said one person.

“We can plant the whole Malawi with that money… She should bring a report on those other projects and why the money was diverted to them,” said another person.

The Tonse Alliance came into power in June last year but billions of kwacha in public funds have already been allegedly stolen over the past year.

Yesterday, former President Peter Mutharika claimed that K23 billion Covid-19 funds have been stolen under the Lazarus Chakwera administration.

He said. “This K23 billion does not include other corrupt transactions and systematic plunder outside the COVID funds. Malawians now know who the real thieves are in this country.”