Namadingo attacked

One of Malawi’s top musicians, Patience  Namadingo, has received a bashing over remarks that he made that he sees skinny women as men.

Speaking in a recently released video, Namadingo said: “When it comes to women, I like big bodied women, slender women no disrespect, but if you are slim, you don’t stand a chance with me, I can even call you a bro”. In the video, Namadingo went on to say that he seriously likes curvy women.

Namadingo’s views had fans in an uproar, many expressed their displeasure on his Facebook page and other online news outlets, some fans said Namadingo’s comments are disrespectful and One fan said: “When someone says no disrespect, they go ahead and say the most disrespectful things”.

Another fan said Namadingo’s comments will likely earn him some punches as people have different preferences. Other fans seemed to think that Namadingo is losing his mind, with one commentator simply saying; “He is losing it”.

“He seems to be confused because some women can be slim with curves and whilst some can be fat with no curves,” said another.

Namadingo commands a huge following on social media with fans commenting on his every move.



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  1. I spoke out his personal view and there is no problem with that but he ended up hurting others.It would be better if he just kept his views to himself rather showing “segregation”

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