Fabriik CEO: We can Actually Change the World

The coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by surprise. State of emergencies are declared by countries; and bankruptcies are filed everywhere. The poor have become poorer as the number of unemployment has risen to new highs. After more than a year, the world has yet to overcome the pandemic, and many are scrambling just to get by.

The world may have become bleak at the moment, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Many businesses have developed technologies that not only helps themselves get ahead, but also gives a piece of the pie to everyone who needs it. And this is not in the form of charity as what people need right now is an extra source of income. Digital asset marketplace Fabriik is one of these businesses that aims to provide an avenue “where anyone can transform, hold, trade and grow any asset they own.” And as businesses shift online due to the pandemic, cryptocurrency trading has become extremely popular as a means of earning money even while staying at home.

“We took a step back and we said, ‘We can actually change the world.’ It’s rare to be at a place in time [and] in an industry with the tools, to do something that is globally changing,” Roy Bernhard, Fabriik’s CEO and Chief Visionary, said during an episode of Coinscrum’s “Meet The Founders.” The weekly series gives market insights and analysis by featuring digital currency experts and thought leaders of which Berhnard certainly is one.

Bernhard is from the fields of engineering, computer science and law, which makes him well-equipped to to work with digital currency and blockchain technology—innovations that are currently changing the world. Digital currency exchanges should be something that is for everybody, not just a select few who have the money and understand the technology. And Fabriik began with this goal in mind.

“We said that with Fabriik, we can take this technology and the work that we have done and create a larger ecosystem, and that larger ecosystem will allow us to really deliver and change a lot of people’s lives. We came up with the term ‘re-imagine prosperity,’ we use that as a tenet for turning around and saying, ‘How do we create a financial services ecosystem that allows, not just somebody whose high-net-worth, or ultra-high net worth, or an institution, but somebody who’s sitting in a village in Africa or somewhere in North America or the UK, and EU who makes maybe only a few dollars or a few hundred dollars a week or a month, how do we take one of those people and help them,’” Bernhard explained.

By combining traditional trading and tokenization, Fabriik hopes to create a global financial ecosystem that breaks physical barriers, creating a one-stop shop for liquidity. And in order to do so, Fabriik has chosen to utilize the BSV blockchain for its tokenization due to its stability, scalability, security and transparency.

“So I guess that the reality is that over the next 3-5 years, this massive unlocking of assets that people don’t even know exists that are locked tightly in 15-year real estate trusts, that are locked tightly in some country here or some country there, we are going to unlock all of those. And I think people will transact in the asset space or the financial services space the same way that people are communicating—when people think about communications now, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world… the field of financial services will be like we have communications today,” Bernhard concluded.

Businesses like Fabriik that are sincerely pushing for global improvement is what the world needs today.