Malawians attack Made See


Malawi`s public figures in the creative industry have lambasted juvenile musician Made See for claiming that gigantic singer Patience Namadingo injected zero effort in his life.

In a video that has gone viral on social media platforms, the young musician speaks his mind.

“He has not changed my life in anyway. To say the truth, he was only projecting a glittering false picture about me. This is not what I expected, imagine he has never given me any money,” says the starlet.

Reacting to the lad`s feelings, comedian Tannah Mr Broken English has said the boy lacks the spirit of appreciation.

“This boy is senseless, we didn’t know until Namadingo put him into the spotlight. Now he is badmouthing the man who promoted him under the influence of Marijuana,” aid Tannah

Gospel musician Thocco Katimba concurs with Mr Broken English that the Litiro hit maker is ungrateful.

“It’s extremely sad to hear this little boy talk like this. That’s being so ungrateful. Namadingo did his part and we all know. What should good Samaritans do then?” questions Katimba

Namadingo started promoting the youthful artist whose real name is Medson Kapeni last year. Using his influence as a brand ambassador for FDH Bank, he facilitated a move that saw the financial institution coughing K2 million towards Medson`s education.

According to Patience, he wanted the Blantyre based young artist to focus on his education apart from music.





  1. Sometimes we overrate education. Not everyone excels with or in education. I understand the boy.

  2. I think K2 million is not enough to make a significant difference. If it has not helped with School and has not helped with the boy’s music, then it has made no impact. What do Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists have to say?

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