Blackjak blasts Sand Music Festival

Musician-cum-television personality Blackjak has lambasted organisers of the Sand Music Festival annual event over poor organization.

The Wadya iwe has spoken his mind in a series of social media posts following events that transpired during the event`s 10th anniversary, which was staged at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach in the lakeshore district of Salima over the weekend.


In his posts, he criticizes the organizers for substandard bookings and giving local artists meagre payments among others.

“Your Festival is trash and a disgrace to Malawi,” reads one of the posts

The musician acknowledges that the organizers have resources but they do not know how to use them. As such he is ready to help with the ideas whenever they need him.

“Ngati ma ideas anakutherani (if you have run out of ideas), just put the money on the table and let us help you with fresh ideas, mwakalamba muziuzana (age has caught up with you).

Some quarters have argued that Blackjack is only trying to seek attention.

“Immaturity iyi, seeking attention basi. If he really thinks Sand Music Festival is prospering wrongly why not telling the organizers where to work on,” commented Ken MW.