5 measures to protect your car


The money-saving, cost-cutting, and living-the-aesthetic-life module people take up when buying a car is heartening. As Gollum refers to the ring as his “preciousss” it is a taken that new car owners feel the same form of attachment for their dream on wheels. Post the “finally buying awesome car” and “cleaning every part of it and not let any one touch it” phase, protecting the said car also becomes quite a task because maintenance is not easy. This holds especially true for people on a tight budget who have spent most of their savings acquiring the car. CarVertical comes to assist them, here are five measures which will protect their car:

Changing the oil:

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” Heraclitus; very deep lines have been used, to make the car owner aware of the importance of changing the oil regularly. The engine being the most important component of the car also is the most expensive to maintain.  Oil keeps the important parts of the engine lubricated to avoid over hearting. The poor engine will not be able to work and will suffer permanent damage if the interval between oil changes is as long as Arya Stark’s kill-list.

Coolant check:

If the oil is being checked regularly, then the coolant is just as important. The cooling system includes the radiator, thermostat, and water pump, along with the coolant itself. The coolant level should always be above the minimum mark (obviously), but below the maximum mark as well. The cost of a regularly maintained cooling system will save far more than the cost the car owner will have to shell out if the entire engine overheats.

Painted fresh:

Choosing good quality paint and wax for the exterior and interior of the car pays in the longer run as it makes the car look brand new even after a considerable time has passed. The paint and the wax available these days are very sophisticated in terms of protection from fading, the finish, and easy application. A well-waxed paint job also makes wiping off bird poop far easier (it is inevitable. Nothing stops the birds; absolutely nothing).

Battery life:

Any work in the car involving the battery system should be continued only if the battery is disconnected. In regular intervals, the clamps of the battery charger should be cleaned to get rid of grease, dust and oxidation which settle on car battery charger. Filthy battery connection weakens the charging of the battery. It should be made sure that the car battery is fixed properly else it will lead to dire consequences.

Portable Garage:

Portable garages are a fool-proof solution for people who want to protect their cars. It has become extremely easy for the people who treat their cars as lovers to protect and safeguard it from Earth’s natural elements by keeping it under a portable canopy. Leaving the car under the sun and exposing it to extreme climates can lead to the car losing its sheen. Climate change fades the paint of the car and attracts rust formation and mechanical deterioration. The premature ageing can be stalled if they are under the protective covers of a portable garage which will lead to extension of life and good resale value. Portable garages are far easier on the pocket than a permanent garage and are as efficient and can be used for small cars, motorcycles to RVs and minivans and trailers. The best part of the portable garage is it can also be used as party tent when the car is out! It is happy news because everybody surely is a “Party Rocker” from the inside or when the tequila comes out.

So take these 5 measures and save money on frequent car maintenance, which can be spent on far better things.