Candidates start campaigning ahead of NRFA elections


The Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) executive committee elections are expected to be held next month and candidates have started campaigning.

Currently, three people has shown interest for the position of Treasurer. They these are Chauka Mwasinga who is the current Treasurer, Obuwa Mwamusamale who is the current Vice Treasure and Aunward Muthali.

Speaking when he visited Nkhatabay district committee who are affiliates to NRFA, Munthali said if given that chance he will work in a transparent and a professional manner.

He added that he will make sure that money which NRFA receives from Football Association of Malawi should also be used to empower district committees.

“We will make sure to have district offices all districts should have an office and also will empower them because I have that vision that we can have sponsorship without looking from somewhere, empower them to have a running businesses that the money can help running football at a district level.

“I will make sure that reports should be produced whether monthly or six monthly and annually in a transparent manner. It’s unfortunate that the current administration can run a big institution like NRFA without a proper accounting records that’s very unfortunate and you wonder how do they report to FAM so those are the things we need to rectify, we need to introduce displace, promote prudent financial management in NRFA,” said Munthali.