Eli Njuchi continues to score musical marks


Buddin musician Eli Njuchi can’t seem to stop impressing the audience as he continues to get complements for his music collection called the Book of Z.

The Book of Z was released in April via different music platforms. Songs therein have enticed people of different statuses to buy the collection at varying attractive rates.

In a latest development, Zodiak Broadcasting Station Director Gospel Kazako has spoken highly of the young talent. He considers the teenage musician as one of the proofs that Malawi has a future in music.

“You will know Malawi has a future in music when you will be privileged to listen to a young upcoming musician answering to the name Eli Njuchi. He did a song titled Z. He is abundantly stunning, amazing, just raw sheer brilliance,” says Kazako in a Tweet.

The starlet has also received support from established musicians and athletes. Hip hop artists Phyzics, and gospel, Gwamba and Malawi national football team midfielder Gerald Phiri Junior, all bought the collection at attractive rates.

Njuchi’s music addresses different life issues in a creative and unique way. His music breaks age boundaries, one of the reasons that has made the Book of Z mantain the hot cake sales. Others argue that he is a successor of anything young musical talent dancehall artists in the name of Jay Jay Cee.

With a few Malawian musicians making strides to make it big on the international stage, the Zitaye cook is tipped to be on his way to golden stages, following in the footsteps of other youthful musicians from African countries with vibrant music industries.

Perhaps it has proven to be a daunting task for Malawian musicians to make a name at continental level. Therefore Njuchi and other musicians with potential of representing the country at international stages need promoters that can aid their talents to reach greater heights. If that fails in Malawi, South Africa will be a better base for them to flourish given availability of resources in that country.

Malawian dancehall star Gemini Major, producer BFB are among home grown talents that are enjoying their careers in the rainbow nation.