Fyness rattles opposition supporters


Malawi’s youngest lawmaker Fyness Magonjwa has come under heavy artillery from opposition supporters after she asked people in her community not to vote for Tonse Alliance.

In her address, Magonjwa played on Machinga South East constituents’ sense of regional identity in the quest to woo voters. She plainly said Yaos and Lomwes should be voting for each other because the opposition MCP ganged up the support from the Chewa belt in the central region.

The MP who is a member of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), claimed that the party was behind violent protests that targeted suspected DPP supporters who hail from the Yao and Lhomwe tribes.

The parliamentarian also warned chiefs in her constituency against attending political rallies organised by the opposition.

“Sindikufuna kuzaona mfumu iliyise itaima pamsonkhano wa UTM ikuti UTM wooye, Kwacha Kwacha, (no chief should ever speak at a political rally organised by the opposition,) she said

Meanwhile, commentators are condemning the speech on social media. They believe the parliamentarian lacks political maturity as evidenced by her speech which has potential to divide Malawians.

” The remarks made by that young MP are the worst I have seen from a politician in years. That is an impeachable and prosecutable offense.

Education is important and it is a necessity for men and women in leadership. It exposes you and shapes you to think and reason critically. It’s why I said at the start that she needed be in school. I think she should be impeached and arrested for those remarks,” wrote Pemphero Mphande

Fundo Chiwaula WG commented: “She needs to be guided. Otherwise she can’t be in close association with foul mouthed politicians and expect her not to utter nonsense.”