DC urges Karonga residents to follow Covid-19 preventive measures


District Commissioner (DC) for Karonga Paul Kalilombe has urged residents to follow preventive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in the district.

Kalilombe was speaking on Tuesday, days after the first coronavirus case was reported in the district.

“I am pleading with everyone here in Karonga to take this message serious by being hygienic all of the time, everything is possible if we can join hands and work together,” he said.

He added the council will also introduce restrictions aimed at de-congesting markets so that people should be protected.

The District Commissioner then asked for personal protective equipment for health workers in the district.

He, however, expressed concern that some Malawians in Karonga continue to travel to neighbouring Tanzania using uncharted routes to buy goods.

In Malawi, 37 Covid-19 cases have been registered. There have been three deaths and seven recoveries. Some of the cases, including the one in Karonga involved a person who travelled to Tanzania.