Villagers sleeping in groups for fear of blood suckers in Chitipa


At a time the Malawi Police are describing blood suckers reports as mere paranoia, people in Chitipa are sleeping in groups to be each brother’s keeper in case blood suckers invade their homes.

According to locals in the district, the reports on blood suckers are factual and not, as the police say, mere speculations.

In the area of village headman Mtafwa, people are worried. Business is unusual. People have to walk in groups wherever they go.

Eunice Msukwa confided in our reporter that women are sleeping in a church, guarded by men, who do not sleep for fear of being attacked by the assailants.

“Last week. About two women were sucked blood,” claimed Msukwa. “Things are not as they may seem to others out there. We have seen these terrorists with our eyes here in Chitipa.”

In Mzimba, recently, people went rowdy, ransacking police units on suspicion that the cops are the ones aiding the assailants.

In Rumphi, last week, a mob descended on a suspect, whom people thought was among blood suckers. He was rescued by the police from Hewe police unit.

Efforts to hear from Chitipa police mouthpiece, Rodney Simwaka, proved futile but Malawi Police service said, in a statement, recently that, blood suckers reports are fake.