MPs hopeful project will improve access to ICT


The Media and Communications Committee of Parliament says the Universal Service Fund (USF) project being implemented by Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) will promote ICT services in the rural areas.

The committee visited MACRA on Tuesday for a briefing on the progress made on the project.

In his remarks, the Chairperson for Media and Communications Committee of Parliament, Aboo McNice Naliwa, showed satisfaction with the project’s progress.

“On behalf of my fellow members, I would like to say that we are grateful to MACRA for the eye opener in as far as USF is concerned,” said Naliwa.

He added that the project is significant since upon completion it will enable Malawians to access ICT services.

“It is indeed very important because Malawi is part of the globe and we cannot be left out on what is happening around it. We are looking forward to a time when each and every Malawian will have access to ICT services in the country,” said Naliwa.

Speaking on behalf of MACRA’s director general, Dr. Benson Tembo, who is technical advisor on Digital Migration, concurred with Hon. Naliwa saying that USF will indeed bring a difference in Malawi once implemented fully.

The Fund is expected to help with communications network deployment and service provision in rural areas, especially in the economically unattractive areas, where licensees may not invest due to lack of economic viability.