Environmental activist walks for ‘no thin plastics’ campaign


A young environmental activist organised a walk in order to source funds and raise awareness on the ban on thin plastics.

The activist Maloto Chimkombero started his big walk in Lilongwe on Wednesday 19th February, 2020 and was in Ntcheu on Sunday on his way to Blantyre.

Chimkombero wants to source money amounting to K11.4 million Kwacha for the no thin plastic bag campaign.

He will use the money to organise a free concert that will bring together 40,000 young people who will be civic educated about the ban on thin plastics.

At the concert, there will also be messages on how young people can excel in environmental friendly businesses that replace thin plastic production and distribution.

He also has plans to plant five thousand trees in different areas in this rainy season.

In an interview, Chimkombero expressed worry over poor monitoring and enforcement by the Ministry of Natural Resources to make sure that plastic producing companies are abiding by the laws.

“The country is not even serious on banning the thin plastic producing companies,” he said.