Unbelievable: Woman collapses inside TB Joshua’s church

Woman collapse TB Joshua SCOAN

Footage has emerged showing the moment a woman collapsed in front of Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

The woman, identified by SCOAN as Mwene Kambombi from Zambia, reportedly collapsed following an encounter with the Nigerian pastor.

She is said to have been weighed down by the burden of depression and was on the verge of giving up on life following the untimely death of her husband.

It is claimed that she collapsed after T.B. Joshua had issued her with an accurate prophecy about her personal life and the genesis of her depression.

In the clip shared by SCOAN on its official YouTube channel, Kambombi claims to have contemplated committing suicide.

“I came here with so much depression. I was actually at the end of myself. I came here 2 days after burying my brother in law. Man of God said: ‘I see you depressed and this is the second time'”

“It is true because 2 years ago, I lost my husband. I was only 34 and I got so depressed as I could not understand what happened. Especially when you are a believer and such a thing happens;. you look as if God does not love you. And about 10 month down the road my sister lost her husband. It was something that we could not comprehend as a family”

“This depression really disturbed me so much because I am like the breadwinner and all my young siblings are looking up to me . Now I lose my husband. I marry off my sisters and they are also losing their husbands.

“I was so depressed I wished I was dead. I was dead living” she says during her testimony.