Nomads chairperson wants evidence on K200 million debt


Newly elected Be Forward Wanderers Chairman Symon Sikwese says his administration will need to verify if the club owes people debts amounting to K200 million.

Sikwese was speaking on Sunday at the team’s club house in Blantyre soon after ascending to the highest seat unopposed.

Though admitting that the club is in huge debts, Sikwewe said his leadership will verify and validate first if there is indeed an evidence that his club owe the debtors millions.

“Firstly, my administration will need to verify and validate if the club owes people K200 million and if the evidence is there, we will surely start paying off the debtors so that we can now concentrate on other issues,” he said.

He also advised his committee to avoid running the club using money from loan sharks.

“We should try our level best to avoid running the club using money from loan sharks. We should operate within our budget and plan well to avoid accumulating unnecessary costs,” he explained.

Sikwese, who has succeeded Gift Mkandawire, promised Wanderers supporters that his administration will bring the much needed change to the club.

The controversial polls saw the majority of the candidates going unopposed.

Chris Kananji was voted the first Vice Chairman while Andrew Mwadala assumed the Second Vice Chairman position.

Former Team Manager Victor Maunde replaced Mike Butao as the team’s new General Secretary and he will be assisted by Adela Mugogo.


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