Chaos in Simso League as teams boycott games


Teams in the Northern Region Football League over the weekend boycotted games, accusing administrators of the competition of favouring the league leaders.

Last weekend, Baka City, Rumphi United, Kawaza FC and Hewe United did not play their games saying league leaders Ekwendeni Hammers were being favoured.

Baka City (in blue) of Karonga

Hammers are leading the table with 63 points from 28 games, seconded by Baka city with 61 points from 29 games while Rumphi United are third with 61 points from 29 games so far played.

In a letter dated 12 December signed by Rumphi United General Secretary Jones Mockton and Chairperson Chiza Mkandawire, the club accused the Northern Region Football League of favoring Ekwendeni Hammers by not giving the club games even though the Ekwendeni already has a game in hand.

“We write to raise our concern on the fixture that you just released, let all teams be given equal treatment and they should prove on the pitch.

“As Rumphi United we would like to inform you that we will not honour our fixture over the weekend unless you balance up the games with Ekwendeni Hammers who have a game in hand,” the club said.

In an interview, team manager for Baka City Alick Zungu said it is unfair to see teams having more than two games in hand.

“That’s not on and unfair to the teams. Why are Ekwendeni Hammers coming behind with more than two games in hand, we as Baka city we are also not going to play our weekend game until Hammers level games with other teams,” said Zungu.

Reacting to the issue, Northern Region Football League fixtures secretary Ollens Msonda said Ekwendeni will play another game on Wednesday to catch up with the other teams.