The Benefits of Investing in a PVC Barrier Pipe


Barrier pipes are often utilized in various piping applications, including the transportation of drinking water and advanced fire-sprinkler systems. This immense popularity owes to a combination of unique properties: enhanced safety, affordability, durability, environmental performance, as well as recyclability. The following are advantages of PVC barrier pipes:

PVC Barrier Pipes are extremely safe

Barrier pipes offer a high degree of inertness and are highly resistant to corrosion. This makes them free from bio-film contamination which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Since PVC  is often utilized below its glass transition temperature (80 degrees Celsius), it can, therefore, be classified as a functional barrier preventing any molecular substances from migrating to your drinking water.

Durability and Cost-Effectiveness of PVC Barrier Pipes

Most barrier pipes, especially those made from polythene and aluminum, have a much lower failure rate. As opposed to other piping materials, these pipes are highly cost-effective. They’re cheaper to purchase, install, and maintain. With +100-year durability plus a lower ownership cost, it means that utilities can safely choose barrier pipes for their piping infrastructure.


Barrier pipes have numerous environmental benefits. They require less energy as well as fewer resources to manufacture. Because of their low weight, less energy is used when transporting them. They last long with minimal maintenance and they’re easily recyclable.

Most PVC barrier pipes contain recyclates. In three-layer pipes, for instance, you’ll find that the core layer features recycled PVC. Besides, the ultra-smooth surface of most barrier pipes minimizes pumping costs and energy consumption. Even more, their leak-free fittings reduce water loss. And this is good for the environment.

They’re Recyclable

PVC barrier pipes are easily recyclable. You can, therefore, recycle them several times without necessarily losing their technical properties. These recyclates are then utilized for the manufacture of new pipes plus an extensive range of other PVC products. Traceability plus certification schemes for recyclates, always ensure that a high level of safety and quality is maintained.

Water Pipe, Barrier Pipe, and Fittings

Most barrier pipes combine the benefits of both polythene and aluminum to offer users with an exceptional solution for their piping needs. The layers of polythene are typically over an aluminum layer that offers barrier protection from the contaminated ground. A comprehensive range of fittings as well as accessories is available. For the safe conveyance of potable water in drainage solutions, barrier pipes are an incredible choice.

The Bottom-Line

Barrier pipes are important components in today’s world. They can be used in different areas—including in drinking water, transportation, and sprinkler systems. They play a key role in protecting water. The above are the benefits of investing in barrier pipes. From safety, impact on the environment, to recyclability—barrier pipes have so much to offer. So, if you haven’t invested in barrier pipes, you are missing a lot. However, you can still purchase some of the best barrier pipes in the market. EasyMerchant is where you should go for genuine, long-lasting, as well as efficient barrier pipes. Good luck!