New Zimbabwe ambassador presents letters of credence to Mutharika


Zimbabwe’s High Commissioner to Malawi on Tuesday submitted her letters of credence to President Peter Mutharika at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

The ambassador, Hilda Suka Mafudza, said she would strengthen bilateral ties that exist between Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Mafudza with Mutharika

Mafudza added that the Zimbabwe is more interested in venturing into economic partnership with the Malawi government.

She then said economic partnership will be aligned more to the agricultural and natural resources sector.

“We seek to learn from each other in strengthening our economies together through partnerships and economic ties,” she said.

According to the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe’s website, Zimbabwe’s growth is highly tied to developments in its agricultural sector with tobacco as the most important cash crop in Zimbabwe in terms of generating foreign exchange.

Soya bean is also on the increase owing to its multiple uses which include production of cooking oil.

The Zimbabwean Embassy is one of the 39 foreign representations in Malawi and one of 30 foreign representations in Lilongwe.

The last Zimbabwean diplomat to Malawi, Thandiwe Dumbutshena, left office in March 2018 after 14 years in the country where she also served as Dean of Diplomatic Corps.

Malawi and Zimbabwe have had a close history for a long time. They share common values, history and culture.

Along with Zambia, they were one country under the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

Malawi has a large Zimbabwean diaspora and Zimbabwe has a large Malawian diaspora.