Sewage water from Mzuzu Central Hospital contaminates Lunyangwa River

Sewage water from Mzuzu Central Hospital which has been flowing into Lunyangwa River for weeks has raised fears over health issues.

The sewage water coming from a broken sewage pipe has mixed with water in Lunyangwa River, becoming a hazard to communities that use water from the river.

During a visit to the site on Tuesday, we found sewage water still pouring into the river.

Jelon Mwandira, a Mchengautuwa resident, said the pipe burst three weeks ago but is yet to be replaced.

He said the water is a danger to the community.

“I started seeing this three weeks ago. We are in danger of being infected with waterborne diseases caused by this rubbish toilet water since people use this river for domestic purposes,” said Mwandira.

Lunyangwa River passes through Lunyangwa, Chibavi,   and Mchengautuwa townships.

Mzuzu Hospital public relations officer Alnord Kaira said a team was dispatched to the area to resolve the issue.

“We accept that it has taken some time for us to deal with the problem because the main contractor faced some challenges.

“But now I can assure you that a sub-contractor has been deployed to repair the broken sewage pipes,” said Kaira.

In July this year, another broken sewer pipe poured sewer water into the river.