TUM tells teachers to stop doing business during working hours

Charles Kumchenga

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has warned teachers against conducting business during normal teaching hours, saying the practice is against principles of the teaching profession.

TUM General Secretary, Charles Kumchenga, said in an interview on Thursday that the union is aware of a tendency by some teachers who sell items to learners during teaching and learning hours in different schools across the country.

Kumchenga: Issued the warning

He said the practice distracts students and results in inefficiency as teachers spend much of their time peddling their commodities instead of teaching.

“These commodities, in some instances, are sold in classrooms during teaching and learning thereby interrupting lesson delivery and distracting the students which negatively affects the learning process.

“TUM would like to remind teachers that the practice is a misconduct and can attract disciplinary action.  The Union shall not protect any teacher who shall be punished by authorities for conducting business during working hours,” he said.

Kumchenga advised teachers to do their businesses outside working hours or engage someone to run the businesses on their behalf.

By Written by Felix Kapatamoyo – Mana