HRDC concerned over violence in Malawi


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has expressed concern over acts of violence in the country and has called on President Peter Mutharika to take action.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe today, National Chairperson for the grouping Timothy Mtambo condemned the violence in Lilongwe where a person was killed as two villages fought over land.

Mtambo: we went to Gambia

Mtambo also mentioned the clashes between Muslims and Christians in Balaka which were sparked by a school’s decision to ban students from wearing hijab.

The HRDC chairperson asked different leaders more especially President Peter Mutharika to condemn the violence and take action as a way of bringing back peace and unity in the country.

He also dismissed reports that he fled the country together with HRDC vice chairperson Gift Trapence saying the two went to Gambia.

“We went to raise advocacy regarding the issues happening in the country and we will continue demanding accountability because we are patriotic citizens,” he explained.

On the issue of demonstrations against Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah, Mtambo said the grouping will announce soon the date for fresh protests as they continue to push for Ansah’s resignation.

The HRDC has been leading anti-Ansah demonstrations accusing the MEC chairperson of mismanaging the May 21 elections.




  1. While I support what HRDC is trying to do, I no longer have confidence in their integrity.

    Mtambo et al are treating us in the same way that the Malawian authorities do. He and Trapence disappeared for weeks from Malawi without any warning, and are now “saying the two went to Gambia … We went to raise advocacy regarding the issues happening in the country”.

    Indeed they did go to Gambia, as a careful internet search reveals. On 25-October they gave a presentation to an obscure outfit called “The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights”, wherein they listed some of the atrocities committed by the Malawian authorities. But note, that presentation was three weeks ago, and they are only now reappearing in Malawi, much as the president behaves when he goes outside. What have they been doing since 25-October?

    HRDC take their supporters for granted when they account for their absence with that incomplete explanation of a short visit to Gambia. They are also chopping and changing with their announcements. What happened to the published demo in Karonga in memory of Justin Phiri, who died in Mzuzu in police custody?

    reference: google for “HRDC reports Malawi human rights abuse to African Commission”

  2. Why this message. i thought this is what you have planted in the minds of malawians . malawians have stopped respecting the laws of this country because of you idiot. mfiti. you claIM UMAGWIRA ZIPOLOPOLO

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