Chez Ntemba shut down


The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has closed Chez Ntemba in Blantyre over the club’s failure to renew its licence.

BCC spokesperson Anthony Kasunda said the city council was forced to close the nightclub after its owners failed to comply with the council’s conditions despite several reminders.

“The council on more than one occasion has reminded business owners to renew their licenses and warned them non-compliance will lead to closure of non-licensed premises,” said Kasunda.

He added that the council will also close other businesses that are failing to comply with the council’s conditions which include renewing business licences.

However, the club’s owner contradicted Kasunda saying the club already paid fees for licence renewal.

He added that management of the club was expecting council officials to inspect the premises as part of renewal procedures and were surprised when the BCC showed up to shut down the place.

The owner then assured the general public that the club will work with the council to ensure the place is reopened.