Muslims damage liquor shops in Mangochi


Muslims in Mangochi today pelted stones at liquor shops, destroying goods worth thousands of Kwacha.

Mangochi Police spokesperson Rodrick Maida refused to comment but the incident comes weeks after the Muslims threatened to shut down bottle stores in the district saying they are not happy that alcohol is being sold anywhere.

A video taken today and shared on social media shows people in Mangochi destroying a billboard carrying an advert for alcohol.

Last month, the Muslims met at Mangochi Main Mosque and agreed to close unregistered bottle stores where beer and foodstuffs are sold together.

The residents were concerned that some stores were selling beer and food stuffs that are not allowed in Islam to children.

“They are selling people illegal foods, moreover children are getting drunk,” one of the Muslims told Malawi24.

He added that Muslims in the district want to see those owning bottle stores being located to their own place and that small groceries should only deal with selling groceries not mixing other food commodities with alcohol.