Reinvest taxpayers’ money in trading centres, Chitipa council told

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has told Chitipa District Council to consider bringing infrastructure development in markets to make sure there is development efficiency to both business dwellers and the council.

The remarks came out yesterday during a closing day of a  three day orientation for Chitipa district council members after it was revealed that most markets in the district – including Lufita trading centre which is second large from Chitipa Boma – operate without shades and toilets despite the markets contributing much revenue to the council.

Speaking to the media, Macloud Kadam’manja from the ministry of Local government who was the team leader during the training said when  people are paying taxes they expect a lot back from the council in terms of rehabilitation of their business environment.

“There is a provision in local government act that the council at least should utilize 25 percent of its budget to developments which includes market infrastructures, so that when people are paying taxes should appreciate.

“We have heard that the council is failing to collect taxes in some centres because people are reluctant due to adequate facilities, it is our hope that the council’s finance committee will sit down and use skills that we have imparted them.” said Kadam’manja.

Welcoming the plea, Council Chair for the district Wedson Sinkhonde said they lacked knowledge on how they can operate their daily endeavours, he said much was grasped during the training and markets welfare will be number one task to be looked at.

“I will be patrolling our trading centres to see how much revenue we are getting from these markets as well as hearing on people’s concerns and look back on how we can address them so that we develop Chitipa,” Sinkhonde promised.

During the meeting, council members and Members of Parliament were also urged to refrain from conflicting each other on monetary grounds meant for development saying this jeopardises development of their areas.