Mkango discovers 17 rare earth minerals in Malawi

Mkango Resources Limited says it has discovered 17 rare earth minerals in Phalombe district including four that are on high demand.

President of the Mkango and Lancaster Exploration Alexander Lemon told the local media that the minerals found on Songwe Hill in Phalombe are in millions of tonnes and would take the country over 20 years of mining.

Kutsaira at Songwe Hill

Last week, Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Minister Bintony Kutsaira visited Songwe Hill where he noted that the exploration was at an advanced stage.

He added that government is committed to have the exploration process finalized since it believes that mining is one of the sectors that can transform the economy of the country.

“This is a long-term project and we expect Malawians to be employed on the site at all levels. Already, Mkango is doing very well by engaging local experts and trainees in all the stages of the project. This will also help our people to acquire skills from your experts,” he said.

During the tour, Lemon said they look forward to announcing further exciting results from the ongoing bankable feasibility studies.

Mkango explores rare earths elements and associated minerals at Songwe, Thambani and Chimimbe hills in Malawi.




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