Don’t silence Cozizwa, if you do Miyala Isokosa


You heard Cozizwa’s voice in Zozizwa mixtape alongside 2kay and now he is back with another faith enhancing tune entitled Miyala.

Cozizwa: has released a new song

The Lilongwe based musician whose real name is Miracle Ndonani, dropped the song on 13th May. With a few days gone since it came to life, the overwhelming feedback it has been subject to, is way too much to handle.

Miyala, meaning stones, is a gospel song which speaks highly about the power of God. It stresses on how God manifests his power when his children are being silenced. Just like Jesus speaks on Luke 19 Vs 40, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

“Musandiuze ndikhale phee, apo bii Miyala isokosa (do not ask me to seal my lips, else the stones will make noise)” sings Miracle.

His other motivation to compose the song stems from real life situations. He cites religious circles regarding Christians who consider themselves bigger than the church.

Despite composing the song in the year 2015, this year proved to be God’s time for Miyala to join the world. It is currently in circulation on social media since finding space on Malawi’s music sites.

Ndonani was last involved in a project in June last year, Zozizwa Mixtape, where he combined powers with 2Kay. The collection encompasses songs like Zikili and Amachita Zozizwa.

When asked about his plans, he responded he is working on his album which will hit the airwaves later. As we await the album, let us enjoy Miyala by hitting this link.